Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Dog Park

Millie sometimes makes other puppy friends at the dog park... and sometimes gets trampled by a Mastiff. The only time millie has really been hurt was when she had a head on collision with another Golden Retriever. Millie most likes to hang out with the other puppies or another dog her size. Most of the times I've been to the dog park, Millie liked to have last minute wrestles with a German Shepard named Luna. We had to teach Millie the come command before we went to the dog park because theres a lake that Millie really want's to go in. And it's really muddy. And shallow so Millie could probably go to the other side, where we would not get her. But I don't think Millie would do that...


  1. Asher, your blog is awesome! Millie is quite the dog. I'm looking forward to reading more about her adventures in life. I have a short dog story for you: My family has a cabin in Wisconsin and one the neighbor's had a a chocolate lab. This lab's favorite thing to do was dig up rocks out of the lake or retrieve rocks if you threw them in the lake. Crazy dog!

    Miss Gesme

    1. It sound's like the Paranoid Retriever in the dog jokes! Thanks for commenting!

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