Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Failed Attempt

Today we decided to cut Millie's nails because we would have to pay $20 to get them trimmed by a pro.  First me and my mom got on to the computer and looked on youtube on how to trim dog nails.  We learned not to cut too far or else it could cut a blood vessel.  After watching the video we tried to trim Millie's nail's.  It took us a long time just to do one and we had to cut 20 of them.  I was calming the dog down Millie while mom trimmed.  We eventually gave up because Millie kept getting distracted by my sisters prizes from the snofest we had the day before.  So we just put $20 dollars in flames because Millie was distracted by $2 items.


  1. I thought the video you found was very informative. I am going to share it with my sister. She and her family have 3 dogs: a Springer Spaniel,a German Shepard, and a Miniature Dachsund. Their names are Betty, Ava, and Macie.

  2. my Nai Nai owned a dachshund! Thanks for commenting!