Thursday, February 23, 2012

I see the future... and it's not good

In March I and my family are going to Florida for spring break. And Millie can't come so she has to go over to my great aunt's house. And Millie still loves to chew on things, especially when she get's away with it. And my great aunt's tables are low where Millie could get stuff, a bird feeder in the back yard, and one floor that Millie would have to pull stuff on the ground to chew on where the other floors things to chew on would right on the floor. I hope Millie doesn't cause as much trouble as I think. But 2 years ago when we went to Florida we had to leave Tira at their house and at night my great aunt tripped over Tira and she broke a bone. So let's hope Millie doesn't sleep right in front of the bed and sleep in her kennel instead. I see the future... and it's better than what happened when Tira stayed at my great aunt's house.

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