Friday, February 10, 2012

Millie's BIG no-no's

Millie chews on everything she can get her paws on. But sometimes she's took things that are really valuable like the camera she once stole. She also stole one of my toys I had since I was small and made a tiny hole in the back of it. Not quite as valuable as the camera but it's important to me! Let's see she also tried to chew on my wand, but when we saw she couldn't do any real damage we named Millie, Milliemort after the villain Voldemort in the Harry Potter series. I think thats all,wait. Millie just stole the mouse to the computer. Gotta go retrieve it. Millie: Hi! I'm Millie! I snuck in here while Asher went to retrieve the mouse. Don't listen to any of this junk he tells you!


  1. Asher, I notice that your posts are very early in the morning. Does Millie get up with you?

  2. Yes Millie does get up with me Dani in the Middle

  3. It seems to me that they don't call this type of dog "retriever" for nothing! Congratulations on a well written blog Asher. Very interesting and entertaining. You could not have picked a better subject! Thanks for posting.

  4. Millie is so cute! She is so sneaky and sly, finding out about this blog and taking over your keyboard. So smart. This blog is so cool! Both creative and entertaining. I can't wait to see what happens next in Millie's life. I wish I could have a dog. If I were to have a dog, it would be a golden retriever too.

  5. hey it's kinda funny my do also has some big no-no to. some of my dogs no-nos are no chewing nice blog Joe C Mr.Zetah's class

  6. Hello Asher, my name is Gabby H. I have a dog too. I think that dogs think that they can get away with anything because of how cute they are! I really don't blame them. I have some questions for you. My dog is no very good off a leash and in a non-fenced area. Do you let Millie out in that kind of open area without a leash? Also, in the summer do you let Millie sleep outside? I mean I definetly don't with my dog, but now that I think about I it makes sense. I mean if I was a dog on a hot summer day I would take outside.
    Thank you for awnsering my questions,
    Gabby H. (from Mr.Zetah's 5th grade class).

    1. I don't let my dog off a leash because she is distracted to easily and could run away. We don't let Millie sleep outside in the night but it's okay for our dog to do it in the day.

  7. Hi Asher,
    I like your blog because I love dogs. Your dog is very cute and smart. Millie is lucky to have you as an owner. I have a dog who likes to steal packages that get delivered to us and left on the porch. We have found many chewed up boxes around the yard. You do a great job writing about your dog. Keep it up.