Thursday, February 9, 2012

Millie's Nightmares

If you take a card board box by Millie, it would scare her out of her skin. And if you do it enough she might attack. ( she still has puppy teeth.) Same thing with fireworks. If you have a dog that is scared of things like loud noises you might want to get a dog vest that keeps the dog calm. Any ways the cardboard box does have its uses. We don't let Millie upstairs and it's easy for her to just walk up there so we put a cardboard cut out by the stairs and Millie will stay far away from the stairs. We also don't wan't Millie going down in the basement but we don't need to put up any cardboard stuff, because she also scared of the basement! Oh wait, Millie wants to say something. Millie: I'm also afraid of Asher humiliating me on the internet.

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