Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Snowball, Gary Paulsen's first dog

In book club we are reading Hatchet by Gary Paulson and so I checked out a book My Life In Dog Years.  His first dog was named Snowball and saved his life.  Gary was walking with Snowball barefoot when he saw a ribbon on the ground.  At least he thought it was.  Gary bent down to pick it up when it moved.  It was a snake and a venomous one.  The snake was in striking position and was about to strike when out of nowhere Snowball jumped out and grabbed the snake with it's mouth and shook it then dropped it on the ground, then continued walking.  Gary was so shocked he just stood there.  Snowball looked back at him and regaining control he followed.  Two and a half years later Snowball passed away.  Gary Paulson misses her so much he felt as if she died yesterday.  There are some people who don't have dogs around to be with them and Gary Paulson was lucky to get Snowball.

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  1. Wow! That's very interesting! As the saying goes, "Man's Best Friend"!