Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Friendly Dog Finals

 Asher: Welcome back to the talent show!  Millie and Biscuit will compete against each other.  We will ask Millie a question first.  Millie, you are at the dog park and see the very very very muddy lake. what do you do?
Millie:  I'll take off towards the lake, but I won't get in it.  My owners bribe me with treats to come back.  So of course I go get the treat.
Asher:  Incorrect! You should stay by their side, not make them waste treats!
Millie:  But if I'm good all the time they will never even use the treats!  What a waste of that green paper!
Asher: Millie, just because you got one wrong doesn't mean-
Millie: Doesn't mean I can't win?  Nobody told me the questions had nothing to do with saving green paper!  This stinks!  I declare to have easier questions!
Asher: Okay... while Millie is settling down I'll ask Biscuit a question.  Biscuit, you-
Biscuit: Um... are these questions going to be hard?  Because there is a certain level where I just burst.  So there isn't going to be any about wasting green paper right?  And none about treats? And none about dog parks? And-
Are these questions going to be hard?
Asher: Ah! forget it!  You can start your own show!


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  2. What a great interview with your dog! Have you read Marley and Me? You might like it.
    Mrs. Laven

    1. No I haven't read Marley & Me. I'll look at the library for it. thanks for commenting!