Monday, March 12, 2012

Millie's Weekend

This weekend Millie didn't start off feeling to well.  At the start she barfed.  She was real mellow the rest of the day.  Then on saturday I opened the window with no screens and Millie nearly jumped out the window, but I held her back. She sniffed the air, barked at squirrels and attempted to jump out the window.  She had lots of fun.  On sunday I went for a walk with my aunt,  Nai Nai ( they came back from Niger!) my mom and Millie and Biscuit.  Millie at first went crazing and attacked Biscuit, but for the walk she and Biscuit we're behaving really well.  At the end of the walk Millie was panting really bad.  She panted for 15 minutes and then went to sleep.  Good night Millie!


  1. I bet your dog gets really warm with all of her fur. She probably loves winter right? I like to walk my dog everyday if it is nice. I have a small Bichon. Thanks for blogging!

    1. She likes winter. Sometimes she eats slush in the road!