Friday, March 16, 2012

Super Dogs ( Continued )

Come back and watch the two compete!
We have found a owner who claims that their dog is the friendliest.  The dogs name is Biscuit.  We shall put Biscuit to the test.  "Okay Biscuit.  Your owner forgets to fill your food dish.  What do you do? "  Biscuit:  "Say, that already happens.  If I get the answer wrong will I have to stop doing what I do already to become the friendliest dog?"  " Yes Biscuit.  You will."  Biscuit:  Okay I'll go with...  sneak into the neighbors yard and see if they are having a steak dinner."  "  Is that what you do already?"  Biscuit:  "Yes, but they never are having a steak dinner.  They are vegetarians."  " Okay...  you got that one correct.  Here's the next question: a guest comes over. What do you do?"  Biscuit: " I'll check their pants for dog treats.  If they have none I'll steal the napkins off their laps while their having dinner."  " You got that one wrong.  But its enough to go to compete against Millie.  Congrats!"  Biscuit:  Whats the prize if I win?  " Free publicity on Asher's Blog."  Biscuit:  "Doesn't Millie already have that? " " She gets a squeaky toy.  Come back soon!"

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