Thursday, March 15, 2012

Super Dogs

Welcome to Millie's talent show!  We will be telling you about the best of the best, starting with the Greyhound.  Greyhound is the fastest dog breed in the world over short distances.  According to Guinness World Records, the highest speed at which any greyhound has been timed is 41.8 mph (67.3km/h) in Wyong, Australia  1994!  Next is the Basset Hound.  The Basset Hound you probably won't see out racing Greyhounds.  This dog is one of the slowest breeds in the world!  Next up is the most strongest dog.  Dogo Argentino is a powerful dog. In some countries it is illegal to keep this breed  This breed is often used as a rescue, police, military or hunting dog.   One of the most smartest dogs is the Labrador Retriever.  The Labrador Retriever, which is a popular family dog due to its friendly nature. These dogs make very good companions due to their loyalty and affectionate natures, and have been used for hunting and retrieving.
Next is the friendliest dog.
   The winner for that is none other than the Golden Retriever.


  1. Biscuit disagrees. He thinks he's the fastest and friendliest. When I asked how barking super loud while backing up and then jumping up on people was friendly, he said, people just don't understand dog language. He said he's yelling and screaming "I'm so happy you're here! Don't come too close, I'm going to pee I'm so excited!!" and then once he gets his bladder under control, where he comes from its important to scratch those you love, so he does that by jumping up on them.

    Anyway, he thinks you got your facts wrong. And he doesn't want me to mention that Beagle is part of the hound breed.

  2. I'll go back to the website where I got the info but I'm pretty sure I got it right.
    Biscuit is a one of a kind. His breed might not be the friendliest, but Biscuit has proved
    us that he is not going to keep that kind of reputation. And you might be right about him being the fastest breed. That was one individual Greyhound that ran that fast. But before you claim that, maybe you should take Biscuit to Australia and put it to the test. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Hi Asher,

    Your blog about Millie, Biscuit, and the family is so interesting, lively, and amusing. I enjoyed your interview with Millie, and her photos, too. It's great that you would like to be an author because you are already a fine writer. I cannot have a dog (allergies, ugh), but enjoy meeting dogs that are out in the park walking their owners or caregivers. Did you send Millie a postcard from Florida? -- Deborah