Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bad habits are slowly fading

Millie isn't getting in to trouble to much any more.  She gets in trouble about once a day and thats it.  Not forty.  We all are glad Millie doesn't rip up crocs any more.  So if you come over leave your shoes on the floor!  Now I got a question for you.
How did Millie learn discipline?
A.  From Asher
B.  From Asher
C.  From Asher
D.  All of the above
If you guessed B you are correct!  Here's another question.
Which of the following is an opinion?
A.  Millie rocks
B.  Asher rocks
C.  Tira Rocks
D.  Cats rock

If you guessed D you are correct!  Thanks for reading.