Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Millie goes to the cabin

On Friday, after I won 75 bucks for the read-a-thon (long story) I went up to our cabin.  Millie was in heaven. Here are things she did there.
1. She loved swimming in the lake, but isn't ready to go out to deep yet.

2. After swimming she and I slept.  When I woke up I said Hi to Jessie, a dog who isn't gonna live much longer.  She is very nice and loves belly rubs.  She comes over to our cabin a lot, because she gets attention and love.  I played with Jess for awhile.

3. Millie discovered the kayak.  She was pretty freaked out by it.  Especially when my aunt fell out of it.

4. Millie also liked hanging out with biscuit.  But while Millie was chasing Biscuit she rammed right into my cousin who went head over heals and hurt his back.  Millie got a scolding.

5. Millie ran 2 miles with me on sunday.  She was pooped out at the end.  So when we finished we both went into the water.  I ran off the end of the dock and she went off the side.  Millie forgot to get one of her toys, so I had to get it.

6. For Memorial day we planted a tree for Tira and Nancy.   We all said things we remembered about them and then I touched the top of the mini tree so that when it grew big I would know I touched the top.

When we left it was hailing.  Millie can't wait to go back.

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