Sunday, May 20, 2012

Millie Wrecks the T.V. Remote

Millie has decided now, if T.V. is worth watching.  I was upstairs getting ready for bed when I went down stairs looking for a book.  I didn't find the book, but I did find Millie chewing on the remote.   I took the remote back and tested it.  It no longer worked!  The next day I asked Millie why she did it.  She had two reasons: 

Reason number 1: You didn't have any shoes out where I could get them so what else could I have destroyed?  The T.V remote was right there!

Reason number 2: You never put on dog shows any more.  Dogs shows are the only good stuff on the T.V. so you don't need to watch anything if dog shows aren't on!

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