Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back to the cabin

We went back to the cabin, and Millie did some amazing stuff.

1. Millie swam all the way to the end our dock. ( or at least the end our dock right now.  The real end was ripped of in a storm.)

2.  Constantly kept dropping her bone in the deep end.  (I had to get it and got swimmers itch.)

3.  Millie caught a live rabbit (Though it wasn't a live rabbit when we finally realized that.)

4.  Was the first dog to come on the boat of year 2012 while I was tubing.
       (And the first to jump up while the boat was moving.)

In 2 weeks we'll be back at the cabin.  Cross your fingers that millie will do something amazing!

Millie: I am ALWAYS amazing.  This blog will be running for quite some time.

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